Every business wants to be in Facebook, have a lots of “likes”, “friends”, “fans”, etc. and if you are reading this blog is because you are searching for more information for your business or yourself, but beyond have a nice look, and profile picture, what do you need is purpose, the main idea, why you are here in Facebook?

Have a Plan, what do you want achieve?

continue to engage your existing fans, creating loyalty rather than get new customers.

 Facebook friends petitions‘And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give,’

maybe your plan is just getting more and more people on fan’s list, but looks what happen when you put your effort in give more to your existing fans to get them “fall in love” with your product.

Walmart effect is not so effective here

Real relations and good connection instead of quantity, a decent list of loyal fans and readers is worth more than 3000 blind friends, in other words, if 5 friends “like” one of your product’s posts your exposure potential increase several times than if you just have 3000 “not answering” friends

Always have a website beyond your Facebook Fan page

Do you really wants control of the way your business looks and the amount of information do you want a display? Facebook doesn’t give you the opportunity of customize and craft and measure your user experience as a real website

facebook social media consultant miami hialeah doralRanking in Google

Don’t get me wrong, if your webpage ranks better in Google than Facebook, you should know every point (and more) I explain in here, usually Facebook ranks and index very well in Google (normally at top 5 results), for a customer, gives a better impression and reputation to find both, your webpage and your Facebook profile ranking at the first page in Google.